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Challengers (15)

Thursday 23 May 20247:00pm Book Now (Closed)

From visionary filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, Challengers stars Zendaya as Tashi Duncan, a former tennis prodigy turned coach and a force of nature who makes no apologies for her game on and off the court. Married to a champion on a losing streak (Mike Faist – West Side Story), Tashi’s strategy for her husband’s redemption takes a surprising turn when he must face off against the washed-up Patrick (Josh O’Connor – The Crown) – his former best friend and Tashi’s former boyfriend. As their pasts and presents collide, and tensions run high, Tashi must ask herself, what will it cost to win.

Love Lies Bleeding (15)

Love Lies Bleeding
Friday 24 May 20247:00pm Book Now
Saturday 25 May 20247:00pm Book Now
Wednesday 29 May 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 30 May 20242:30pm Book Now (Descriptive Subtitles)
Thursday 30 May 20247:00pm Book Now
From Director Rose Glass comes an electric new love story; reclusive gym manager Lou falls hard for Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder headed through town to Vegas in pursuit of her dream. But their love ignites violence, pulling them deep into the web of Lou’s criminal family.

Beyond the Raging Sea (PG)

Beyond the Raging Sea
Saturday 25 May 20242:30pm Book Now
Extreme athletes Omar Samra and Omar Nour, affectionately dubbed ‘O2’, set off in the world’s toughest rowing race – an unsupported, 3,000 nautical mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean, from La Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour in Antigua.

Beyond the Raging Sea, a thrilling documentary by globally-renowned director Marco Orsini, is the story of O2’s perilous Atlantic crossing attempt and fight for survival. A fight experienced by some of the 66 million displaced individuals around the world who set off on similar crossings in a desperate bid for safe refuge.

Splash (PG)

Friday 31 May 20246:00pm Book Now
A young boy saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid, falls in love with her 20 years later when she returns to seek him out. Before he can choose between life on dry land or a deep sea paradise with his dream woman, the lovers are rudely interrupted by the intervention of a scheming scientist.

Ron Howard's iconic, warmly funny mid-80s romantic comedy - Howard's third feature as a director - boasts career-defining performances from Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy and Eugene Levy.

Hoard (18)

Friday 31 May 20248:30pm Book Now
Saturday 1 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now
Sunday 2 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 6 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now (Descriptive Subtitles)
Thursday 6 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now

The debut feature of self-taught London director Luna Carmoon may seem like yet another kitchen sink drama, but give it a few minutes, and you'll find yourself amidst storytelling like you’ve never seen it before.

Set in the 1980s and 1990s, Hoard explores a complex mother-daughter relationship with echoes of Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank (2009) in the way it deals with the ambiguity of love and desire. Hayley Squires (I, Daniel Blake) shines bright as Cynthia in this heart-wrenching, wondrous version of life as we know it.

After all, hoarding can be an expression of love, but it can metaphorically seal one’s relationship with the future.

"This nineties set drama is fresh, authentic and agreeably scuzzy. Its director is one to watch" - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph.

Medium Cool (15)

Medium Cool
Saturday 1 Jun 20246:00pm Book Now

Part of the series MOTHER CUTTERS.

A carefully crafted, open-to-everything mixture of live wire reality and controlled narrative, Medium Cool is the debut fiction feature of Haskell Wexler, who had already established himself as one of Hollywood's premiere cinematographers in the post-studio system-era on such films as Elia Kazan's America, America and Mike Nichols’ Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. In 1968, he hurled himself into the tear-gas of the cultural-political moment. The result was, alongside Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider, a seminal early work of what came to be known as "the New Hollywood".

John (the prolific Robert Forster, who would find latter-day fame in Jackie Brown, Mulholland Drive, and Breaking Bad) plays a television cameraman who has become disenchanted as a creative subservient to the mainstream. Eileen (Verna Bloom, latterly of High Plains Drifter and After Hours) depicts a newly relocated war-widow swept up in the maelstrom of the conflicts of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago - the actual events of which serve as the spontaneous backdrop for Wexler's picture.

The picture was edited by Verna Fields, with Assistant Editor Marcia Lucas (then Marcia Griffin).

On Verna Fields’ editing: Seen decades later, the film's impact is still quite powerful, and one of the main reasons is Fields' strong, confident, and fearless editing that captures those "fragmented bits of hostility, suspicion, fear, and violence" with great skill. We don't simply see the chaos and conflict, we actually feel caught up in it - tossed about, if you will - the editing often jerking our focus from one line of dialogue, action, or scene to another abruptly, unexpectedly, and sometimes harshly. Fields' work represents a major contribution to the overall impact of Wexler's film. - Women Film Editors, David Meuel

The Crow (30th Anniversary) (18)

The Crow (30th Anniversary)
Saturday 1 Jun 20248:45pm Book Now
Reissued for a limited time to celebrate the film's 30th Anniversary.
The night before his wedding, musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are brutally murdered by members of a violent inner-city gang. On the anniversary of their death, Eric rises from the grave and assumes the gothic mantle of the Crow, a supernatural avenger, to track down the thugs responsible for the crimes and mercilessly murder them.

The Rain People (12A)

The Rain People
Monday 10 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series MOTHER CUTTERS.

Unsure of herself, two months pregnant and feeling trapped, Natalie Ravenna leaves her sleeping husband a note and drives away from her Long Island home one rainy morning to find herself. Natalie is the heroine of Francis Ford Coppola’s intensely moving The Rain People. Ahead of its time from both filmmaking and feminist points of view, the film took Coppola and his eight-vehicle crew through 18 states, lending this poignant tale a realistic rootless tone.

Joining the production on its journey was assistant editor, Marcia Griffin - soon to be Marcia Lucas. At the time, Lucas had already accepted an offer to work on Haskell Wexler's Medium Cool with Verna Fields. Fortunately the shooting schedule for Medium Cool was delayed, which allowed Lucas to complete her assignment on The Rain People before joining Wexler's production.

During the production, George Lucas - who had met Coppola on Finian's Rainbow - documented the film's cross-country shoot with a 30-minute documentary, Filmmaker, editing the film with Marcia.

Close Your Eyes (12A)

Close Your Eyes
Wednesday 12 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 13 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now (Descriptive subtitles)

After his masterpieces The Spirit of the Beehive and El Sur, and 30 years after his Cannes prize-winning The Quince Tree Sun, legendary filmmaker Víctor Erice comes back with CLOSE YOUR EYES, a compelling reflection about identity, memory, and filmmaking. Starring Manolo Solo and José Coronado, CLOSE YOUR EYES also reunites Erice with Ana Torrent 50 years after The Spirit of the Beehive.

Considered by many as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Erice is back to mesmerise audiences with his fourth feature film.

Banel & Adama: Free Community Screening (12A)

Banel & Adama: Free Community Screening
Thursday 13 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
We're pleased to be working with We Are Parable in presenting this free community screening of Banel & Adama.

The film had its world premiere in Competition at Cannes 2023, nominated for the Palme d’Or. Ramata-Toulaye Sy is only the second black woman in history to do so, and the film was the sole debut feature to be selected.

Banel and Adama are fiercely in love. The young couple live in a remote village in northern Senegal and for them, nothing else in the world exists. However, their perfect everlasting love seems on a collision course with their family’s traditions as drought strikes their community. Award-winning filmmaker Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s breathtaking debut feature follows the fated lovers in their quest to carve a life for themselves beyond the expectations of others.

Exotica (18)

Friday 14 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now

Atom Egoyan’s stylish, hypnotic puzzle of a film centred around a strip-club where a group of characters intertwine and their histories and traumas are slowly revealed.

Francis (Bruce Greenwood) a deeply depressed tax auditor spends his evenings at Exotica obsessed with a young dancer, Christina (Mia Kirshner), with whom he has developed a curious emotional relationship. Around them are Christina’s former partner and club MC, Eric (Elias Koteas), Zoe (Arsinée Khanjian) the club’s owner who is pregnant by Eric, and Thomas (Don McKellar) a smuggler of rare bird eggs who is under investigation by Francis. As the story unfolds the characters are gradually deconstructed; flashbacks, reflections, and shifts in perspective continually re-frame our assumptions and give rise to new and unsettling implications.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Exotica was Atom Egoyan’s international and commercial breakthrough; with his latest film, Seven Veils due for release this year, its a perfect opportunity to see this signature work from one of cinema’s most acclaimed and distinctive auteurs.

KSc is proud to present this seminal film from an original 35mm release print.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (4K Restoration) (18)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (4K Restoration)
Friday 14 Jun 20249:30pm Book Now
Join us in June for the ultimate in summer horror movies. Tobe Hooper's infamous The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is back in 4K for the very first time in UK cinemas on its 50th Birthday.

Five friends head out to rural Texas to visit the grave of a grandfather. On the way they stumble across what appears to be a deserted house, only to discover something sinister within. Something armed with a chainsaw.

La Chimera (15)

La Chimera
Saturday 15 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now
Saturday 15 Jun 20246:00pm Book Now
Tuesday 18 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 20 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now (Descriptive subtitles)

Arthur (Josh O'Connor), a British archaeologist, mourning a long lost love, works with a group of grave robbers hunting ancient Etruscan treasures to sell on the black market in 1980s Italy.

Directed by Alice Rohrwacher.

Io Capitano (15)

Io Capitano
Monday 17 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Screening in support of Refugee Week.
IO CAPITANO tells the story of Seydou and Moussa, two Senegalese teenagers who leave Dakar to travel to Europe where they believe opportunities await. On a journey neither could have imagined, the boys face the dangers and the beauty of the desert, the shock of detention centres in Libya, and the perils of the sea in their pursuit of a better life, in an epic story that offers a deeply human perspective on the migrant crisis.
Directed by two-time BAFTA-nominee Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah, Tale of Tales), IO CAPITANO has been nominated for Best International Feature at the Academy Awards, and won Best Director and Best Young Actor Awards at the Venice Film Festival.

The Beast (15)

The Beast
Saturday 22 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now
Sunday 23 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 27 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now
Thursday 27 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now

The year is 2044: artificial intelligence controls all facets of a stoic society as humans routinely "erase" their feelings. Hoping to eliminate pain caused by her past-life romances, Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux) continually falls in love with different incarnations of Louis (George MacKay). Visually audacious director Bertrand Bonello (Saint Laurent, Nocturama) fashions his most accomplished film to date: a sci-fi epic, inspired by Henry James' turn-of-the-century novella, suffused with mounting dread and a haunting sense of mystery. Punctuated by a career-defining, three-role performance by Seydoux, The Beast poignantly conveys humanity's struggle against dissociative identity and emotionless existence.

THX 1138 (15)

THX 1138
Saturday 22 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

A chilling exploration of the future is also a compelling examination of the present in George Lucas's THX 1138, starring Robert Duvall as a man whose mind and body are controlled by the government. THX makes a harrowing attempt to escape from a world where thoughts are controlled, freedom is an impossibility and love is the ultimate crime. "The real excitement of THX 1138 is not really the message but the medium - the use of film not to tell a story so much as to convey an experience. Stunning...dazzling...chilling and terribly powerful" (Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times).

The film was edited by George Lucas with assistant editor Marcia Lucas in their garage. As the studios - and the moguls who ran them - had imploded, oversight had vanished, leading to a new freedom in American cinema without which films such as THX 1138 might not have been made. While the film further cemented Marcia Lucas's reputation as an editor its failure at the box office helped usher in the downfall of George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope.

More than half a century after its release, THX 1138 is more interesting than ever, and offer students of film - and particularly editing - a swift 90-minute exercise in The New Hollywood.

On the Waterfront (PG)

On the Waterfront
Friday 28 Jun 20246:00pm Book Now
Thursday 4 Jul 20242:30pm Book Now

Marlon Brando is the longshoreman who finds himself increasingly isolated when he challenges the might and power of the tough new York City dockers' Union. Rod Steiger is his elder brother, torn between loyalty to union and love of family. Lee J. Cobb is the powerful union boss, while Eva Marie Saint is the girl with whom Brando falls in love.

Winner of 8 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Support Actress, Best Director and Best Screenplay, this devastating film has, since its first screening, become one of the movie greats.

Playing in a new 4K restoration courtesy of Park Circus celebrating the centenaries of Brando's birth and Columbia Pictures, and screening on July 4 - Eva Marie Saint's 100th birthday.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (PG)

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Friday 28 Jun 20248:30pm Book Now
Saturday 29 Jun 20246:00pm Book Now
The 1989 classic returns for its 35th Anniversary!

Bill and Ted are in danger of flunking school most heinously if they fail their history exam, and if they do they’ll have to break up their totally bodacious band, WYLD STALLYNS. No way! But everything changes when they meet Rufus - an awesome dude in a phone booth who can travel through time.

Rosalie (15)

Saturday 29 Jun 20242:30pm Book Now
Sunday 30 Jun 20247:00pm Book Now
Wednesday 3 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 4 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

France, 1870. Rosalie is a young woman with a secret... She was born with a face and body covered in hair. A genuine bearded lady. She’s kept her secret safe all her life, until Abel, an indebted bar owner, marries her for her dowry. Now, she no longer wishes to hide.

A story of hope and radical self-acceptance, ROSALIE is a beautiful and bold romance from director Stéphanie Di Giusto, starring Nadia Tereszkiewicz and Benoît Magimel.

Jaws (12A)

Friday 5 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

Steven Spielberg's 1975 thriller is based on Peter Benchley's 1974 novel of the same name and tells the tale of a man-eating great white shark attacking beachgoers at a summer resort town. Defying the inept mayor and his cronies, police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) sets out to hunt it down with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a curmudgeonly shark hunter (Robert Shaw).

“We all referred to Verna Fields [editor of Jaws] as Mother Cutter. She was very earthy, very maternal. She cut her films at her house, at her pool house, in the San Fernando Valley, and it was a very haimish kind of workplace. All of our disagreements happened with that darn shark! Verna was always in favor of less to be more. And I was trying to squeeze in that one more—because it took me DAYS to get that one shot! So I’m going back to, I’m on a barge for two days trying to get the shark to look real, and the sad fact was that the shark would only look real in 36 frames and not 38 frames. And that 2 frame difference was the difference between something really scary, and something that looked like a great white floating turd.” – Steven Spielberg.

Green Border (15)

Green Border
Sunday 7 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now
Wednesday 10 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now
Thursday 11 Jul 20242:30pm Book Now (Descriptive Subtitles)
In the treacherous and swampy forests that make up the so-called "green border" between Belarus and Poland, refugees from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union are trapped in a geopolitical crisis cynically engineered by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. In an attempt to provoke Europe, refugees are lured to the border by propaganda promising easy passage to the EU. Pawns in this hidden war, the lives of Julia, a newly minted activist who has given up her comfortable life, Jan, a young border guard, and a Syrian family, intertwine.

30 years after EUROPA EUROPA, three-time Oscar Nominee Agnieszka Holland's poignant new feature GREEN BORDER opens our eyes, speaks to the heart, and challenges us to reflect on the moral choices that fall to ordinary people every day.

Rating 15 TBC.

The Conversation (4K Restoration) (12A)

The Conversation (4K Restoration)
Monday 8 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

Francis Ford Coppola’s (The Godfather, One From the Heart) Palme D’or winning, seminal neo-noir thriller, THE CONVERSATION, is newly restored in 4K for its 50th Anniversary.

THE CONVERSATION follows Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a detached and paranoid surveillance expert who finds himself becoming a victim of the same modern technology he uses to destroy others.Full of double-crosses and a thrilling conspiracy, THE CONVERSATION is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Of the new restoration, Coppola says: “As you will notice, I have never offered a new version of THE CONVERSATION, which is a film I have always been proud of, I've never felt the need to improve. It also features my wonderful collaboration with its editor (along with Richard Chew) and sound designer, Walter Murch which reinforces my belief that cinema is a collaborative effort. I am gratified to have made a film that has lived for 50 years."

The Crazy Family (15)

The Crazy Family
Thursday 11 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

From the director of Electric Dragon 80000v, Crazy Thunder Road and Burst City. The third film released by the Director's Company, a Japanese production company founded in 1982 to provide an avenue for young Japanese filmmakers to grow outside the country's studio system. 

The Kobayashi family finally are able to move out of their tiny, cramped Tokyo apartment to the suburban house of their dreams. But things are not as perfect as they seem: the house is infested by termites and the family starts going crazy: Son Masaki is studying so obsessively for his exams that he’s losing his mind; daughter Erika is oblivious of all but her forthcoming record company audition, grandfather Yasukuni starts getting World War II flashbacks and father Katsuhiko is so worried about his family’s “sickness” that he thinks can only be cured by group suicide. As the Kobayashis’ house begins to crumble, so does the sanity of its inhabitants. Katsuhiko takes it upon himself to keep them from the asylum…at any cost.

Sasquatch Sunset (15)

Sasquatch Sunset
Friday 12 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now
Saturday 13 Jul 20242:30pm Book Now
Sunday 14 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

In the misty forests of North America, a family of Sasquatches—possibly the last of their enigmatic kind— embark on an absurdist, epic, hilarious, and ultimately poignant journey over the course of one year. These shaggy and noble giants fight for survival as they find themselves on a collision course with the ever-changing world around them.

Starring Riley Keough (Zola, American Honey) and Academy Award-Nominee Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, The Social Network), acclaimed directors David and Nathan Zellner (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter) bring you the greatest Bigfoot story ever told.

One Hand Don't Clap (4K Restoration) (U)

One Hand Don't Clap (4K Restoration)
Saturday 13 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

ONE HAND DON’T CLAP captures the vibrant story of calypso and the emergence of soca, through the eyes of two legendary artists, Lord Kitchener, the Grandmaster of the genre and Calypso Rose, the first woman to break through in a traditionally male arena. In the run up to the exciting crowning of Trinidad's 1986 Calypso Monarch, they discuss their early careers, leading us from New York recording studies to the magic of Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago. ONE HAND DON’T CLAP traces the evolution of a beloved musical genre whose infectious rhythms and exhilarating irreverence have found their way from deeply grounded intergenerational aspects of Caribbean culture to ever-broadening audiences worldwide.

Digitally restored from the original 16mm A/B roll negatives and 35mm magnetic audio tracks by the Academy Film Archive and the Women’s Film Preservation Fund with support from the Leon Levy Foundation.

What's Up, Doc? (U)

What's Up, Doc?
Saturday 27 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

A luggage mix-up leads to stuffy academic Ryan O’Neal being taken on a wild ride by free spirit Barbra Streisand in this outrageous farce. Working from a precise and hilarious script by Buck Henry, David Newman and Robert Benton, and with the editing expertise of Verna Fields, director Peter Bogdanovich crafts a tribute to 1930s screwball comedies that is fast, funny and packed with delirious supporting performances.

Mapantsula (15)

Sunday 28 Jul 20247:00pm Book Now
A true classic of guerrilla filmmaking, Mapantsula is now available to watch in stunning 4K after years of suppression, marking the 30th anniversary of South African Freedom Day in April 2024.

Director Oliver Schmitz worked closely with co-writer and lead actor Thomas Mogotlane, to produce a film under extreme censorship, and by evasion of the authorities, they bravely created a radical and rare anti-apartheid feature film. Mapantsula tells the story of Panic, a small-time hood who believes he sees all the angles. But he is soon in the web of the authorities, pushed to betray the revolutionaries fighting for change. More than a gripping crime story, Mapantsula is an almost miraculous opportunity to understand South Africa from within during its struggle for freedom, centred on the choices offered to Panic by a system set out to dehumanise him. Vital, humane and unvarnished, this is the time to reckon with Mapantsula.

American Graffiti (12A)

American Graffiti
Saturday 10 Aug 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

On the last day of summer vacation in 1962, as high school friends Curt, Steve, Terry and John (Paul Le Mat) cruise the streets of small-town California, the mysterious disc jockey, Wolfman Jack, spins classic rock'n'roll tunes. It's the last night before their grown-up lives begin, and Steve's high-school sweetheart, a hot-to-trot blonde, a bratty adolescent and a disappearing angel in a Thunderbird provide all the excitement they can handle.

Following the commercial failure of THX 1138, George Lucas was looking for a job - any job - to stay afloat. Borrowing money from friends and relatives to pay the bills he took Marcia up on a bet: that he was incapable of writing anything that could emotionally involve the audience. The result was the script for American Graffiti. After Universal grudgingly signed the director to a deal production was swift - and easy. Following principal photography the film was initially edited by Lucas and Verna Fields in the spare room above Francis Ford Coppola's garage while he was off shooting The Conversation, which would go on to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes the following year. After the rough cut was completed Fields left for other projects, but the film was nearly three hours long, so Marcia stepped in to complete the film, reworking the entire feature from the ground up. It was a task not without its problems - the interlocking stories proved an incredibly complex web of plot and character - but Marcia persisted, editing the film down to two hours entirely on her own while George worked on the film's sound design with Walter Murch. After a bitter struggle between the Lucas's and Universal over the film's viability, the studio finally released the film, expecting to have failure on their hands. The result was one of the most successful films in Universal's history, grossing over $100 million and proving that the filmmakers of The New Hollywood just might have a point.

Woodstock (15)

Saturday 24 Aug 20246:00pm Book Now
Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

In 1969, 500,000 people descended on a small patch of field in a little-known town in upstate New York called Woodstock. In this documentary, the iconic event is chronicled in unflinching detail, from the event's inception all the way through to the unexpected air-delivery of food and medical supplies by the National Guard. The film contains performances, interviews with the artists and candid footage of the fans in a defining portrait of 1960s America.

Thelma Schoonmaker was the supervising editor on this sprawling documentary. The challenges in assembling hundreds of hours of footage was not lost on Schoonmaker, whose extraordinary work was noted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with her first Oscar nomination.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (15)

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Saturday 14 Sep 20247:00pm Book Now
Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

After her husband dies, Alice (Ellen Burstyn) and her son, Tommy, leave their small New Mexico town for California, where Alice hopes to make it as a singer. Money problems force them to settle in Arizona instead, where Alice takes a job as waitress in a small diner. She intends to stay in Arizona just long enough to make the money needed to head back out on the road, but her plans change when she begins to fall for a rancher named David (Kris Kristofferson).

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore - celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year - was Marcia Lucas's first sole editing credit on a feature. Remembers Lucas: "Marty called, and asked if I would do his first studio feature. He was terrified of the studio executives, that Warners was going to give him some old fuddy-duddy editor or a spy--the studios were known for having spies on such projects. Marty liked to edit, and I felt like I was being hired to cut a movie so I wouldn't cut it, so I'd let the director cut it. But I thought, if I'm ever going to get any real credit, I'm going to have to cut a movie for somebody besides George."

Scorsese was so impressed with Lucas's work that he insisted she cut his next film - 1976's Taxi Driver. Lucas would receive a BAFTA nomination for her work on the film and a year later would receive an Academy Award for her groundbreaking editing on Star Wars.

Goodfellas (18)

Saturday 28 Sep 20247:00pm Book Now

Part of the series, MOTHER CUTTERS.

Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese exposes the fascinating, mysterious and violent underworld of New York's Mafia families through the life of insider Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) as he rises from smalltime thug to mobster under the guidance of Jimmy Conway (Academy Award winner Robert De Niro) in this searing, epic crime drama based on the chilling true-life best seller Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi.

Goodfellas was Thelma Schoonmaker's eighth feature film collaboration with Martin Scorsese and won her the BAFTA for Editing in 1991. The visual style of Goodfellas is one that heavily influenced many films throughout the 90s and continues to influence film and television productions to this day. As Schoonmaker's creative role in Hollywood continues to garner recognition and awards it's clear that her sensibilities around story and character are as astute today as they were in 1970.