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All My Friends Hate Me (15)

All My Friends Hate Me
Friday 15 Jul 20227:30pm Book Now
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Sunday 17 Jul 20225:30pm Book Now

When Pete’s old university friends invite him to celebrate his birthday, and their 10-year reunion, with a weekend away in a grand country mansion, he’s looking forward to reliving the glory days. But when he arrives, Pete can’t seem to do anything right, and there are many new inside jokes he isn’t in on. And why have his friends invited a random stranger from the local pub to join the party? Andrew Gaynord’s debut feature, written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton (who also stars as Pete) playfully taps into contemporary social anxiety, and the escalating tension and hilarity will have you joyfully squirming in your seat. An outstanding British debut from three names to remember.