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Playground (15)

Sunday 22 May 20225:35pm Book Now
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Wednesday 25 May 20227:35pm Book Now

Showing in The Other Screen. Films in The Other Screen have a shorter trailer reel of 5 minutes.

Writer-director Laura Wandel’s extraordinary debut takes you back to the complex and petrifying world of the school playground. Seven-year-old Nora is reluctant to go back to school, longing to stay home with her dad. But although she’s the one who is the novice, she soon becomes aware that it’s her older brother, Abel who’s being bullied by the other kids. Should she tell the adults or remain silent in solidarity with Abel? And if she does tell the grown-ups, will they help, and will there be consequences? The original title – Un monde – encapsulates how, for a child, the playground’s politics, conflicts and abuses form your entire world and, for the duration of Playground, we view that world at child-height.